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Culla 3-9 Months (Cradle)

Sizes 16-20

At this point, a baby’s feet are very soft as cartilage is still developing into bone and baby’s feet at this point are especially vulnerable. Our Culla range of shoes is characterized by the use of the highest quality and softest, non-irritating materials to suit the needs of the smallest, most precious feet. They are also constructed with no sole to maximize comfort, safety and flexibility. These shoes provide a protective layer to prevent any rubbing or bumping of a baby’s delicate feet.

Gattona 9-24 Months (Crawling)

Sizes 18-25


Children around this age begin to take their first steps while developing an arch in their feet. It is important for foot bones to be allowed to grow naturally to prevent any misalignment in the feet. High top shoes are especially important at this stage as they help stabilize the heel so that babies do not roll over their ankles as easily. The Gattona line is characterized by strong frontal support and very flexible soles. This is achieved through a special construction technique named “a sacchetto”, which eliminates the need for an inner sole. These shoes have a rubber insert underneath the leather sole and a rear turn-up to support toddlers transitioning from crawling to walking. This category includes our iconic model; “Gusellino,” which is produced for all seasons in a wide variety of styles.

Primi Passi 18 Months - 3 Years Old (First Steps)

Sizes 20-26

Primi Passi

Around 2-3 years, the foot is developing the final bones in the feet and the fatty tissue begins to disappear. For a toddler’s first steps, the foot has to be well supported. Functionally, shoes at this stage should be lightweight, anti-slip and breathable. The characteristics of this range reflect these needs of early walkers: there is an inside lining with no irritating stitches; soft natural leather; a non-slip leather sole with a rubber central insert or ”para” sole to increase comfort for all day wear.

Junior 4-10 Years Old (Junior)

Sizes 24-40


Foot development begins to slow at this age, although growth continues into the late teens. This line is characterized by excellent material quality; with the shoes shaped to match each stage in the development of the growing foot. In addition, trend-setting and fashionable touches are added, with great attention to the smallest detail. These shoes are stylish and practical from the school classroom to the fanciest of parties.

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